Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

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Everyone we speak to knows the importance of dental hygiene, however, sometimes things can happen which are out of your control which affects the appearance of your teeth. This could be gaps, broken teeth, misalignment or it could be that your serious love of coffee and other stain-inducing substances have left your teeth looking more yellow than pearly white. That’s where cosmetic dentists can step in and help you. By coming to us, you will be benefiting from the experience of skilled and award-winning cosmetic dentists. Our team have carried out over 30,000 treatments to-date and we love what we do!

Here at The Welbeck Clinic, we firmly believe there are many major benefits to cosmetic dentistry and from feedback received from our clients, having veneers can change your life for the better. Below we have listed the 5 main benefits of cosmetic dentistry:

The top benefit we hear from our clients who have come to us for their veneers is a major increase in confidence once they have gone through the procedure. The people we work with may have had issues with how they feel about themselves because of the smile they see back in mirror pre-treatment. However, once they have had their veneers fitted from us, they can’t do anything but smile!

Veneers will cover over broken and fractured teeth. By covering them up, you can prevent future issues to those areas which are already damaged. We will be able to advise in our initial consultation with you what can happen to your teeth if left untreated and how veneers will aid in preventing damage later on in life.

Makes you Look & feel younger
This benefit is, of course, subjective, however, from feedback received, we are told time and time again that our clients get complimented on looking younger post-treatment. A whiter and smoother smile in our opinion will take years off your appearance. This will also be down to the fact that smiling makes you look healthier, happier and ultimately younger.

Strengthens teeth
Veneers will strengthen your teeth. Are there certain foods you currently have to avoid eating but you want to eat them? Although true to say that you would still need to be careful with certain food types (hard sweets as an example) not to cause new damage, but if there are certain foods you can’t eat now then once you have veneers you will be able to eat them again, worry-free.

Saves money down the line
Although veneers cost from the outset, by investing in your smile now, you are protecting yourself from potentially expensive visits to the dentist years down the line along with invasive treatments to correct neglected teeth. By doing something about it now means you are protecting your teeth for the future along with increasing confidence and overall life satisfaction.

We know that you may have a fear of the dentist and any treatments relating to the mouth area. However, with our experienced team of cosmetic dentists, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands with us. From the moment you walk through the door, we will ensure that you feel at ease and relaxed. In fact, we will help you feel excited about how you are going to feel once you have had the veneers fitted. You can start that positive feeling off right now by requesting a Free Smile Simulation from us. Send us a picture of your current smile and we will send back enhanced images of how your smile will be transformed with veneers.

On our website, we have provided a number of videos from our clients who have undergone cosmetic dentistry treatments from us. You can access those videos by clicking HERE, they will give you an excellent idea of what you can expect by coming to us and the real benefits of having veneers fitted.

We hope you have enjoyed reading through our top 5 benefits to cosmetic dentistry and learning more about how veneers can (and will) improve your life. If you would like to arrange an initial consultation with us from our clinic in London, please get in touch by calling our team on 020 7486 8100. We are here to help and we look forward to speaking with you soon! You can also check us out on Instagram – @thewelbeckclinic to see our latest success stories.

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By simply filling in our Welbeck Clinic veneer FREE E-consultation form and submitting a photo, we can provide you with your a FREE bespoke guidance price for your potential smile makeover, and a before and after image showing you your enhanced smile.

Simple complete the form detailing what it is about your smile you wish to change, add a photo and the transformation team at The Welbeck Clinic do the rest.

When taking the photo, please use the example image shown as a guide

  • Ensure your full face is included
  • Ensure you are smiling facing straight at the camera

This will ensure our transformation team can do the best imaging for you. All images are simulations and for demonstration purposes only. At your one on one consultation with Dr Ilaty, you would discuss every aspect of your smile and have professional imagery completed by the cosmetic dentist as part of that consultation.

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