What is Composite Bonding ?

Composite bonding is a dental treatment where your dentist applies a tooth-coloured composite resin material directly to your tooth/teeth.

Commonly used for white fillings, composite can also be used to enhance the shape, size, colour and overall appearance to improve the look and give clients a beautiful smile. It can be applied to the edges of the teeth for subtle enhancements or full coverage of the teeth known as composite bonded veneers for a more

The treatment is performed in one visit and is virtually pain free, usually with little or no drilling required and no anaesthetic needed.

Composite edge bonding is suitable for any minimal imperfections that you may be conscious of and is a quick way to harmonise your smile. Composite veneers are suitable for more enhanced improvement of the full shape and colour of teeth, even if you’re thinking a about porcelain veneers but a little unsure the composite bonded veneers provide a nice ‘stepping stone’ to consider switching to porcelain veneers at a late date. Also for very young clients this treatment is more conservative with a view to switch to porcelain at a later stage if client wishes.