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Disclaimer: Results and patient experience may vary depending on certain factors such as dental health and lifestyle.

Porcelain veneers are custom made, wafer thin veneers that cover the front surface of the tooth. Veneers are an extremely versatile dental treatment and one of the most common treatment plans we perform here at our private London dentist, situated just off Harley Street.

The natural look and feel of our veneers means they are the perfect treatment to give our patient’s that long lasting white smile we all look for. The versatility of porcelain veneers means they can treat a host of dental problem areas, including closing gaps between teeth, aligning crowding or protruding teeth, or even whitening discolored teeth.

The strength and the resilience of the porcelain means our veneer treatments can last up to fifteen years. With The Welbeck Clinic, all our dental porcelain veneers have an exclusive five year guarantee for patient peace of mind.

Being an industry leader with specialist interest in this treatment, our porcelain veneer experts have fitted over 30,000 veneers in our London premises alone. In this time we’ve even had the pleasure of welcoming many celebrities to our dentist., and helping to create their perfect smile along the way.

At The Welbeck Clinic we’re proud to provide minimal-prep porcelain veneers as an option for suitable patients. Having minimal-prep veneers offers a non-intrusive preparation procedure, with none or very minimal tooth substance removal. In many cases the minimal-prep porcelain veneers do not need the teeth to be reshaped first to get the desired results. Your dentist will talk you through the best option for your individual needs during your appointment.

Why Choose Welbeck Clinic?

With a highly experienced dental support and administration team, Dr Ilaty offers the highest standards of patient care and expert cosmetic dental treatments in state-of-the-art surroundings in the heart of London. The Welbeck Clinic is situated just a stone’s throw from Harley Street.

Our team includes one of the first UK members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). The internationally recognised body dedicated to the advancement of cosmetic dentistry.

Our highly qualified team of dental surgeons have unrivalled experience and skills in creating the perfect smile makeovers. The use of advanced dental technologies means The Welbeck Clinic is revolutionizing modern day dentistry in London. So much so, we’re proud to be one of the only dentists in London to use the latest digital photographic technology to provide graphic images of your smile before any treatment begins.

We pride ourselves on offering a first-class service to each and every patient. Constantly striving, regardless of treatment, to provide a relaxed and stress free experience within our clinic.

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What Can I Expect?

The first appointment for your porcelain veneers will consist of a full assessment with all necessary x-rays, upper and lower impressions and bite measurements. These impressions will be used to make the wax-up diagnostic and stents to make the provisional veneers.

If a patient will be undergoing any additional whitening treatments, extra impressions will be taken during this first appointment to make custom made whitening trays.

One week later the patient will then return to the dentist for their preparation appointment. Local anesthetic will be administered for the patient’s comfort to ensure a pain free treatment from start to finish.

All preparation of the teeth will be made and the newly designed provisional veneers fitted. The shade of the final porcelain veneers will also be discussed during this appointment. The patient will be required to leave the provisional veneers in for two weeks. The patient will then have a few days to critique the temporaries and if any changes are to be made, such as shading or length, then the patient is to inform the clinic so they can notify the laboratory with their instructions. In addition, if the patient is undergoing laser whitening then this will done at this stage.

The third and final appointment will be the fitting of the final porcelain veneers. Again local anesthetic will be administered for patient comfort. The provisional veneers will be removed and the definitive veneers tried in. If the patient is 100% happy with the aesthetics of the veneers the fitting process will be completed.

This will consist of a series of solutions being applied to the teeth, and the porcelain veneers bonded into place. Any excess materials from the bonding process will be removed and the veneers would receive their final polish. The bite will be checked and adjusted if needed.

After any smile makeover, our dentists would like to see the patient for a short courtesy appointment approximately two weeks post-treatment to review the porcelain veneers, and ensure the patient is happy with their stunning new smile.

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Rogieh Ilaty


Dr Rogieh Ilaty Qualified in 1998 ( DDS, Lund, Sweden), from the faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of Lund university in Sweden, which is one of the Northern Europe’s oldest and most prestigious universities.

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