Interested in Dental Veneers and based in London?

Interested in Dental Veneers and based in London?

Are you based in London and considering improving your teeth with veneers?

With more celebrities being honest about having veneers, they’ve really gone mainstream in the past few years. By far the easiest and quickest way to achieve a dazzling smile,  they can completely your teeth for the better.

Located in London, The Welbeck Clinic understand that it’s a big decision whether to have this type of treatment or not. Many people are most worried about the cost of porcelain veneers, but with our payment plans it could be much more affordable than you think.

Others might worry that this type of treatment won’t be suitable for them, but veneers can be applied to most types of teeth, including those which are crooked or stained (veneers will provide permanently whitened teeth, which is a huge advantage!).

Some people might be concerned that the treatment will be painful, but usually that’s not the case- the whole area will be numbed up before any treatment. Although rarely some people experience mild discomfort once veneers are fitted, this will quickly fade and your teeth will feel natural afterwards.

The Welbeck Clinic is always happy to help anybody considering getting veneers in London.

Our experts are always happy to advise on achieving the smile they want. We offer the finest porcelain veneers that can be used to close gaps or align crowded or protruding teeth.

If you’re considering veneers in London, why not read more about our porcelain veneers?