Achieving The Perfect Smile

At The Welbeck Clinic we make sure you are totally confident with how your new smile will look. We closely liase with you at every stage, ensyring you are happy throughout, so the smile you’ve always dreamed of is the smile you actually get.

Achieving The Perfect Smile

Step One - Smile Design

First we take a photograph of your existing teeth and carefully listen to what you are unhappy with and how you would like your smile to change. Then, using our clinical expertise and the latest imaging equipment, we design a simulation of your new tailor-made smile. This takes place at your initial consultation.

Achieving The Perfect Smile

Step Two - Smile Model

Your digital smile design is now transformed into a smile model to give you a detailed, 3-dimensional simulation of your new smile. You can study this from all angles to ensure that every detail is correct. Only when you are totally happy with the design do we proceed to the next stage.

Achieving The Perfect Smile

Step Three - Smile Prototypes

After carefully and precisely sculpting your teeth to the required design, prototypes are made and fitted. These are an exact replica of your smile model. This is your new smile in temporary form and allows you to ‘test drive’ your smile, and ask the opinions of friends and family before the final restorations are fitted. At this stage, adjustments can be made to the temporaries, which are then transferred to your final smile.

Achieving The Perfect Smile

Step Four - Your Perfect Smile

Finally your perfect smile is ready for you, duplicating the planned design. The final porcelain restorations will be more life like than the prototypes as they are made from the latest high-quality porcelain, and will have been hand-sculpted by our exclusive master technicians to make your smile perfect but natural at the same time. Now you can go out and show off your beautiful new smile!

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