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For the last fifteen years our highly qualified team have been leading the way in cosmetic dental excellence.

Our dentists have probably fitted more veneers than anyone else in the UK. For this reason, the skill and experience they have accumulated is unrivalled, attracting more top celebrities and models who rely on this expertise to enhance their professional careers.

Our cosmetic dentists were the first UK members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), the internationally recognised body dedicated to the advancement of cosmetic dentistry. To be the best we have to keep in touch with the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry. Our cosmetic dentists are all members of the AACD.

All our staff attend lectures and training courses in the UK, Europe and the USA to keep up with these advances and in-house training programs and study groups ensure the highest standards are kept at all times.

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Providing The Very Best

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