Dental Veneers – UK vs abroad

January 25, 2020

With social media increasingly becoming a part of our everyday lives, never more has the desire to look and feel good been so high on our agendas, and nothing depicts health and beauty like a dazzling bright smile.

Cosmetic dentistry and veneers have been around for years and over time this treatment is becoming more and more popular as an elective cosmetic dental treatment to make a person’s smile more aesthetically pleasing which also boosts confidence.

However complex dentistry is like keyhole surgery and shortcuts cannot be corrected easily if at all, therefore it is important when seeking out a cosmetic dentist and clinic to carry out your treatment you do some research to ensure you are getting the best and safest treatment.

Although a cheaper option is always appealing, cutting corners when it comes to your health is always going to be risky – with cheaper clinics abroad there’s promise of ‘same day teeth’ and for a fraction of UK cost in a hot climate – but often the objective for these clinics is to make money so clients are rushed, like a ‘conveyor belt’ so that the dentist can treat as many as they can in a day. As a result of this speedy treatment, in some cases, teeth are virtually ground down making it easier to fit veneers (which are almost crowns now) on to the heavily prepared teeth and there has now become a rise in people needing remedial treatment afterwards with clients ending up having to spend far much more down the line to fix the issue.

This said not all clinics operate in this way and I think the best advice would be to do your homework, Check Google reviews and ask yourself – Do you want a bargain or quality and value for money? Are you covered by foreign health care organisations should anything go wrong? How would you go about aftercare?

If you are unsure about any of the answers to these questions the best solution would be to seek treatment here at home with quality and reputable cosmetic dentists, such as ourselves, we are confident that you will not regret your decision over seeking treatment abroad which could end up being a costly mistake.