Is Your Smile Ready For Your Wedding?

July 19, 2019





Your wedding photos will last for generations and shared by so many people – The appearance of your smile in your wedding photos will play a central role in how they are viewed for years to come. Doesn’t your smile deserve an expert dentist to do that for you?

A lot of patients opt have a smile makeover – which can consist of one or more treatments together. We will sit down with you and go through all your concerns and what you want to achieve. However, because some cosmetic treatments may take several weeks to complete, we advise to talk to our dentists as soon as you have a date. This will give us time to plan your exciting journey with us!

When you come to the Welbeck Clinic Dr Ilaty and her expert team will always go that extra mile. Dr Ilaty’s proven excellence with smile transformations was recently acknowledged when she was awarded the title Best Dentist in Cosmetic Dentistry – UK by the IAE. She specialises in dental veneers and is well known in the celebrity world for her work.

In some cases porcelain veneers alone will serve as a wedding day transformation. Veneers are covered over your natural teeth with very little preparation, their versatility enables them to address cosmetic flaws. Veneers can be coupled up with teeth whitening, dental crowns, tooth coloured fillings, dental bonding and nearly any other treatment, enabling Dr IIaty and her team to produce a straight white, beautiful smile.

Why Your Smile Matters

We take great care talking to you, finding out your personality to get everything exactly how you want it to be. If you are hiding your smile behind tightly pursed lips or if your smile makes you feel less confident, it can have a negative impact on the lasting memories of your wedding. You deserve to feel confident on your wedding day and shine bright. That is why we have experts to help you achieve this!

Lets make your day so special for you and your family Do This !