Dental Treatments For That Special Occasion

May 29, 2019

Beauty Face 2

When you have those special occasions booked up in your calendar, you have the outfit, make up and hair, but do you feel there is something missing to finish the look off?

Of course you want to look your best and you don’t want yellow teeth in the picture.  Or, maybe you have a gap between your teeth that you want to resolve.  Great teeth can give you something makeup or a new haircut can’t give you, confidence to smile!

When you look great your smile makes a big impact on how attractive you look and feel.

Here are the most common cosmetic treatments that can fix them easily and quickly:

Stained teeth – The solution? Tooth Whitening

When you want to get rid of coffee, tea, and wine stains tooth whitening gives you quick results through professional whitening treatment leaving you with a brighter white smile to find out more visit

Severe stains, chips & gaps – The solution? Veneers

You can schedule this treatment in advance to give you an amazing transformation.  Veneers are a thin porcelain coating which is placed over damaged teeth and improve your appearance to find out more visit

Missing teeth – The solution? Dental Implants

This is a longer term solution to the problem of missing teeth.  We can replace one or more lost teeth leaving you able to eat the foods you enjoy again and able to smile with no gaps. To find out more visit

Gaps and chipped teeth – The solution? Cosmetic Bonding

Bonding is used in limited cases to reshape individual teeth, close very small gaps and repair any slight defects, such as chipped teeth. The material is chosen to match the colour translucency and consistency of your natural teeth. To find out more visit

If you need a quick cosmetic treatment that will get your teeth looking their best for an upcoming event, or any occasion Call The Welbeck Clinic in London