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April 30, 2019


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Dr IIaty has made some life changing smiles happen and is dedicated to providing superior cosmetic dentistry to her clients for the best possible results.

London is one of the best places to offer some of the top notch experts in cosmetic dentistry. Many of the practitioners here are well equipped with the latest up to date techniques and equipment to solve any dental problems. The Welbeck Dental Clinic offers all this and much more you know you are in a safe environment a soon as you visit us.

Dentists today are playing a much bigger role in peoples lives, it’s not all about attending routine check-ups. Patients want to look their best and require the best dentist to do their cosmetic dentistry – so when you come to The Welbeck Clinic Dr IIaty and her team offer you 5 * Service.

Dr IIaty can perform your personalised Smile Makeovers, after a comprehensive oral exam. Dr IIaty will help you build a unique treatment plan that will help you achieve a naturally beautiful smile.

The treatments Dr IIaty recommends will be dependent on your specific oral health. Dr IIaty is highly trained and skilled restorative and cosmetic dentistry giving her the knowledge and experience needed to make sure your smile is beautiful and healthy.

Our cosmetic services include:

Teeth Whitening
Dental Veneers
Dental Implants
Porcelain Crowns
Gum Sculpting
Cosmetic Bonding

For many patients, a combination of cosmetic and restorative treatments will provide their ideal result. Cosmetic dentistry is a unique blend of art and science. Dr. IIaty has a natural eye for administering cosmetic treatments to celebrates and friends

Meet Dr IIaty For A Consultation

The Welbeck Clinic offers patients a uniquely divine dental experience. Our beautiful facility is staffed with highly trained professionals who are passionate about providing an exceptional customer experience. To meet with Dr IIaty to discuss your Smile Makeover treatment options call the The Welbeck Clinic 020 7486 8100