10 Years Younger Dentist

Dr Joe Oliver was one of the first experts to appear on Channel 4’s hit show ‘10 Years Younger‘.

He provided the cosmetic dental treatments in the first ever cases for Nicky Hambleton Jones and the 10 Years Younger team.

The plan was originally for Bernie to have our Zoom! tooth whitening treatment however, after the initial consultation it was clear that it would not be enough to correct years of neglect.

The decision was made to replace all of her existing crowns and put porcelain veneers over her remaining teeth to provide a bright white and balanced smile.


First, Dr Joe Oliver removed Bernie’s old crowns and gave her a temporary set of veneers to wear while her new porcelain veneers were created. These are custom made for Bernie and provided her with a dazzling smile that really did make her look 10 Years Younger.

”Bernies new look not only gave her something to smile about, but also something to smile with“